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Opie, his beard and the tears I'm still crying

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Two minutes ago, I deleted the german post, because I think, this topic is a matter, which deserves a big Shout Out. This will be an exception, but I'm kinda heartbroken right now, so I hope ya'll forgive me my mistakes.

Today, I woke up and read my facebook messages. Nothing unusal, but I was surprised there were three of them with the same link in it. I watched the video. And cried a little.

Click here to watch the video.

A few weeks ago, One of the biggest heroes in TV history was beaten to death (Oh, Pope, you gonna bleed for this, I promise).
I couldn't believe it. And I simply hated Sutter for being such a dick. Why did he do this?
Now I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that Opie's TV dead was absolutely necessary for the further storyline, but back again-when I watched my Ope dying- I was totally shocked, pissed and speechless.
Lucky you that I didn't post these days , because you would have felt my sadness in every fucking post.
I guess, I'm quite fine with it now, but I have to admit that this video brought shattered memories back...

Ryan Hurst- I apologize for everything, I apologize for kidding about your baby Face when I saw the first pic of you beardless. I apologize, because I thought, you did this because you wanted to break up with SOA, make a visual cut to distance yourself from your role. I couldn't divine that this beard meant that much to you and that you did it for this reason.
Really, Im sorry, beardless Ryan. Forgive me.
I really wish you could mop my tears up with it, like you said on twitter a couple of weeks ago.

But I guess, that was it. Opie's gone. Beard's gone. And with it the last thing, that reminded us of the loyal warrior Opie Winston.Guys, I truely hope that the pieces of Ryan's beard are framed, hanging somewhere in your Penthouse for everyone to see.

So this is for all the Opie Fanatics, the Samcro Obsessed, all the Beard Lovers on this planet.

RIP, Opie's beard. You and your face will be missed on SOA.

"We make war that we may live in peace." - Aristotle

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